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Cricket Victoria announced in May 2012 a three-year partnership with Kukri as the organisation's official apparel supplier incorporating the Commonwealth Bank Bushrangers and VicSpirit.

Established in 1999, Kukri has rapidly become one of the world leading sportswear manufacturers, offering more than six million design, fabric and colour combinations across 50 sports.

Kukri has created an extensive portfolio of sporting partners, including the Irish cricket side and leading English County outfits Somerset and Lancashire.

With the partnership including on-field apparel for Cricket Victoria's Academy teams and pathway programs, the deal will allow the organisation to play at the top of its game both on and off the field.

The Name "Kukri":

The name "Kukri" (phonetically pronounced "Cook Ree") was chosen by the founder of Kukri Sports, Phil Morris, when he was Financial Controller of the Hong Kong Rugby Union and was watching a rugby match between a Hong Kong team and "The Flying Kukris" (now a Kukri customer).

What makes Kukri unique?                                                                                   

  • Sportswear made for every team, regardless of level or ability;
  • Product champions for cricket, rugby, hockey, netball, G.A.A., lacrosse, basketball and football;
  • Sportswear for over 50 different sports;
  • Over six million "made to order" sportswear options using design, fabric and colour combinations;
  • "Design and order online" provides online kit creation and ordering at your fingertips;
  • Eight weeks from order confirmation to delivery of a guaranteed quality product;
  • Individual support from every member of Kukri; and
  • Its flexibility and willingness to make it right!

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