Harmony in Cricket Cups unite people of all backgrounds

April 12, 2017
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Harmony in Cricket Cups unite people of all backgrounds

The Harmony in Cricket Cups are held in communities across Victoria bringing people together and breaking down barriers between our indigenous community, migrants, asylum seekers and local law enforcement.


The inaugural Harmony in Cricket Cup between the Monash Health Seekers and the Victorian Police Cricket Club took place at Cranbourne Meadows Cricket Club on March 26.

The Harmony in Cricket Cup represents two communities coming together to play in harmony and break down barriers between Muslim migrants, who are seeking asylum, and law enforcement.

The Monash Health Seekers are an asylum seekers group based in the South Metro area, who are on temporary visas into Australia. The Victoria Police Cricket Club (VPCC) regularly participates in these types of community engagement events with the purpose of breaking down barriers between the police and the community they serve.

VPCC Secretary, Detective Senior Constable Kieran Rodgers stated, “Cricket, and sport in general, is a great way for members of Victoria Police to connect with the wider community and strengthen relationships. This event provided us with a great opportunity to meet some asylum seekers and gain an appreciation for some of the struggles they have faced in Australia, which in turn can help us to better serve the community”

In a display of unity and respect, teams conducted their warm-up together embracing the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships.


The second annual Community Cup took place in Shepparton recently, bringing together communities from multicultural and indigenous backgrounds, and officers from the local police station. Shepparton Youth United Cricket Club were also involved in the initiative, including their newly established all abilities team.

Importantly all players had an equal opportunity to bat, bowl and field participating under the Harmony in Cricket banner. Specially made stumps were on show including the Shepparton Ethnic Council logo, colours of the aboriginal flag, with blue and white checkered design signifying the Victoria Police .

Shepparton Police Multicultural Liaison Officer said, “This is one of many events we are doing to integrate relationships between our Aboriginal Community, Multicultural Community, Generally Community, Supports Services and Police. It’s a great way to show Police are just like everyone else in the community and it doesn’t matter who won, it has brought all these communities together to celebrate Shepparton’s great diversity. It created an environment for building and understanding of cultural differences. However these three games were all a lead up to the main game, where the all community team played against the Shepparton All Abilities Team, All Abilities won convincingly”.

The day is with thanks to Greater Shepparton City Council, Victoria Police, Ethnic Council of Shepparton, Mooroopna Rotary Club and Shepparton’s Aboriginal Community.

Funds raised on the day were for the Blue Ribbon Foundation, who donated the funds to the GV Hospital emergency department.

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