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Indoor Cricket is the perfect way to continue your involvement in cricket all year round. The format provides opportunities for skill development in all areas of the game, as well as the chance to play the game with your friends and meet new people.

With a small court size and less players per team everyone can be involved in the action right throughout the game.

Depending on the format matches typically last between 45-75 minutes, with anywhere between 4 and 8 people per-side. The ball used is also softer than a standard outdoor cricket ball, reducing the need for protective equipment, making the game much safer.

There are indoor centres right across Victoria that offer a range of junior and senior competitions catering for all abilities.

Visit the PlayCricket website or Indoor Sports Victoria to search for your local indoor centre today.

Indoor 4’s

Indoor 4’s is a new introductory social format into Indoor Cricket suited perfectly for juniors aged 8-14 who are interested in trying the Indoor version of the game.

3x teams of four play at once in a fun and fast paced format, with matches lasting under 50 minutes.

2018 will see 6-week programs launched across several Indoor Centres throughout Victoria starting in February.

For more information visit the Indoor 4’s website here.

National Indoor Cricket League (NICL)

NICL is Australia’s premier Indoor Cricket invitational league that sees the top Indoor Centres, clubs and teams from across the country compete for a share in $50,000 in prize money.

Matches are played regularly (April-August) in 10x Men’s Zones and 6x Women’s Zones, with two matches live-streamed each Sunday evening via Facebook and the NICL website. The competition culminates with a Final Series played over one weekend with the winning teams from each zone competing.

Victoria Hammers

Cricket Victoria’s state representative Indoor Cricket team, Victoria Hammers, boasts 14 teams that compete across Junior, Open, Masters and Lord’s Taverners divisions at the annual National Indoor Cricket Championships.

Indoor Cricket Contacts

Ross Gregory – CV Indoor Cricket Manager
W – 9085 4041
M – 0437 658 427

Andrew Warrick – CV Indoor Cricket Officer
W – 9085 4059
M – 0488 968 296

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