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Club Templates

Get your club out there!

Cricket Victoria has developed a number of new Word document templates that clubs can use for marketing and communications purposes. You can find links to download these files below. Each template also comes with an instructional guide on how to use it, so please also download and read this prior to using the template.

Club Newsletter

Use this template to distribute your club's newsletter in a professional format. There are 3 options, a 1 page newsletter, a 2 page and a 3 page template.

Download 1 page newsletter template

Download 2 page newsletter template

Download 3 page newsletter template

Download newsletter template instructions

Club Poster

Use this template to create a professional poster for your club's promotions.

Download poster template

Download poster template instructions

Club Banner

Use this template to create a club banner to be used on emails, on websites or wherever required.

Download banner template

To download these templates, simply click on the links at the right of each item. When prompted, save the file to your computer's hard drive. The instructional files can be downloaded in the same way, and are in PDF format.

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