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Victorian Cricket Registration (VCR) is your Association and Club's access point to the Australian Cricket National Club Risk Protection Program which provides Public and Products Liability cover for Clubs and Personal Accident coverage for players.

VCR plays a vital role in maintaining cricket's standing as Victoria's favourite summer sport. Understanding the demographics of the Victorian Cricket Community through VCR is a crucial component in managing state wide issues such as drought, access to facilities and the constant growth in our game.

VCR and MyCricket

As per last season the Victorian Cricket Registration Process (VCR) and the NCRPP will be administered via the MyCricket system. If you do not have a login to MyCricket please contact us by logging a support request at clearly stating your State Organisation Name, Your Name and Contact Details.

How to complete the 2013-14 Victorian Cricket Registration
The information gathered via VCR is essential to ensure Victoria remains Australia's leading cricket state. Thoroughly understanding the Victorian cricket community is crucial in managing state wide issues such as drought, access to facilities and the continued growth of the game.
As in previous years, FULL COMPLIANCE with the requirements of VCR will ensure your Club is eligible for significantly discounted premiums of $75 per senior team and $35 per junior team.
To assist you with complying to the requirements of the VCR, This email outlines the requirements for this season and explains how to:

  • obtain access to the MyCricket system;
  • update your Club or Association profile, contact and census details;
  • obtain your Certificate of Currency for evidence of Public Liability cover;
  • ensure Personal Accident cover for your Club and members;
  • and pay your club's premium

FULL COMPLIANCE with VCR requires each Club to complete four simple steps, which are summarised below.

Step 1: Obtain your Username and Password
If your Club or Association is already using MyCricket then you can proceed to log in to MyCricket immediately.
If your Club or Association is not yet using MyCricket please contact us by logging a support request at clearly stating your State, Organisation Name, Your Name and Contact Details.
You cannot proceed to Step 2 until you have completed this step.

Step 2: Club Profile and Census
Once you have your login details this is a simple case of completing Section 1 (NCRPP Registration. MyCricket Component) in the MyCricket NCRPP Guide which can be downloaded here.
You cannot proceed to Step 3 until you have completed this step.

Step 3: Risk Management and Certificate of Currency
Once you have completed the five components in Section 1 of the NCRPP Guide you can click on "Proceed to JLT" to open the JLT Sport website (Cricket's risk management advisors) to complete a brief Risk Management Questionnaire.

At the completion of the questionnaire you will have the option of purchasing JLT Sport's AssetProtect, please ensure you read this section carefully to determine if your club requires this cover. Asset Protect is NOT required to be VCR compliant.

Invoices for ASSET PROTECT be issued by JLT Sport directly. You will be invoiced directly by Cricket Victoria for the NCRPP.

Once you have completed the Risk Management you will be able to obtain a copy of your Club's Certificate of Currency for Public Liability insurance.

Please note that completion of Step 3 only partially fulfils your club's registration requirements. To ensure full compliance with VCR and eligibility for reduced premiums, Step 4 is also required.

Step 4: Complete participant management
Keeping your organisation's participant details up to date is vital and will ensure they are covered for Personal Accident under the NCRPP. MyCricket enables you to upload new participants in bulk or as they join your Club or Association.

Confirming Roles
Your participant information from last year will of course still be in MyCricket however you will need to "Confirm participant roles for season 13-14" which you can do individually or in bulk. For instructions on how to do this please click here.

Update Participant Details
Further to reconfirming roles we suggest you update any of your participants personal details at the same time, in particular email and mobile phone details, as this will ensure you are able to utilise other features of MyCricket such as the email and sms features. To find out more on how to update your participants personal details using the bulk process please click here.

Officer Bearers
Whilst you will have selected a main contact person (Designated Contact) for Cricket Victoria we request that you also ensure you have recorded your Officer Bearers in MyCricket with the appropriate role/subrole.
The advantages of this are:
- Cricket Victoria can make contact with the appropriate person in specific circumstances
E.g. Contact Treasurer for invoice enquiries.
- Officer Bearers will be covered under the Risk Protection Program as they are listed in MyCricket
Click here for instructions on how to add a Participant Role.
Participant details are checked by JLT Sport whenever a Personal Accident claim is lodged. If the claimant is not recorded in MyCricket at the time of injury the Personal Accident claim may be delayed or denied.

Many associations and clubs request that coach accreditation details are recorded in MyCricket. Simply add your coaches with a "TEAM OFFICAL" Role then "Senior or Junior Coach" Sub Role and you will be able to record their CCA ID Number in the custom fields.

Upon completion of the above (four) steps, premium invoices will be generated based on data collected via VCR and sent to each Club for payment. 

Compliance with VCR will ensure the best available sport risk protection coverage for both the club and its participants is obtained at a significantly discounted cost.

Premiums for Season 2013-14

Compliance with VCR (same as last season)

$75.00 - Senior Team

$35.00 - Junior Team

Non-Compliance with VCR

$120.00 - Senior Team

$60.00 - Junior Team

For information regarding the policy or to submit claims please refer to for further information.

If you have any enquiries regarding registration, please contact:
Simon Webb - Ph: 9653 1145 Email:

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