Australia clean-sweep the Indoor World Cup

October 17, 2011
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Australia clean-sweep the Indoor World Cup

Victorians have been part of a historic clean sweep at the Indoor World Cup with Australia winning all four sections of the tournament.

Victorians Travis Baker (Men’s), Briony Polkinghorne (Women’s) and Jarrod Armitage (Under-19s) all played in the triumphant final of their division, other Victorians Lance McDougall, Nicole Martin, Kieran Perkins and Laura Shaw played significant roles during earlier matches but did not play in the final.

In the Men’s section, the Australians defeated the tournament hosts South Africa in the final.

After dropping a game to the South Africans earlier in the tournament, the Australians bounced back in the final, winning 94-55.

Baker hit 13 runs and claimed one wicket in the historic win.

The Australian women went through the Cup undefeated, winning a low-scoring final against South Africa 66-33.

Polkinghorne took three wickets and made seven runs in the match.

Much like the Men’s side, the Under-19s delivered when it mattered most, beating South Africa, a side that they lost to by a run in the group stage, by 100 runs in the final.

The only Victorian in the Under-19s final, Armitage hit 10 runs and took two scalps in the comfortable victory.

Australia accounted for England in the pinnacle of the Under-19s competition, claiming the trophy after a 120-74 victory.

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