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Coach and Player Contract Templates

The following resources have been developed in response to requests from Clubs for template documents that may be adapted for the season ahead having regard to the many uncertainties raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are links to template:

  • Non-binding Letters of Intent:
    • Coach Template
    • Player Template
  • Agreement Templates
    • Coach Template
    • Player Template

Please be aware there is no one size fits all arrangement and it is strongly recommended Clubs seek legal/financial advice applicable to their specific circumstances and risk appetite before using these templates or entering into any contracting arrangements for the 2020/21 season. There are many additional considerations this season.

The Letter of Intent template might be adapted by your Club where the Committee prefers to await further clarity on the season ahead before entering into binding legal contracts. It is framed as a communication piece, rather than a contracting piece, expressed as non-binding on both parties. That is, it doesn’t secure a coach/player in any way.

The Coach/Player Agreements templates are intended to be adapted for independent contractor (not employment) arrangements, but this characterisation (and associated legislative obligations) can change depending on factors such as the amount payable and degree of structure and control imposed by the Club. The documents are marked up with numerous comments for consideration, including:

  • payment arrangements (per match day, pro-rata against a full, regular season or dependent on the occurrence of certain milestone events);
  • whether season commencement can be a condition precedent (pre-requisite) to contract commencement (consider any pre-season arrangements carefully);
  • variations to timing of contract commencement and payments;
  • responsibility for insurance arrangements;
  • the ability to suspend contractual obligations for events beyond the Club’s reasonable control (force majeure type clause); and
  • the ability to terminate the contract if the Season concludes early or is materially reduced.

Each Club must consider its circumstances and the extent to which the Club wishes to engage in binding legal obligations extremely carefully. This commentary is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice. These templates should not be relied upon as a substitute for legal advice. It is recommended these templates are utilised as a point of reference for obtaining legal/financial advice before proceeding to contract coaches or players for season 2020/21.

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