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Cricket Victoria’s coaching clips are split into the following sections:

Cricket Victoria’s coaching clips have been created to provide coaches with activity options to use at training with players at various levels.

Coaches may find visualising an activity assists in being able to effectively set-up something similar at cricket practice.

The clips may also spark an idea for an alternative version of the activity, or way of training.

The video clips below show the basic set-ups for each activity, however, coaches can adapt as much as they wish to suit their training environment.

Enjoy your coaching, enjoy your cricket!

Please note: All coaches are required to exercise a duty of care with their players.

It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure the activity is conducted safely.

The activities shown are suggested options, however, in their own environment, coaches must take into account the following safety factors: type of balls used (soft / hard etc.), type of equipment, space required and the ability, age and playing level of participants involved.

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