Deaf Cricket

Men's and Women's Deaf Cricket


The Victorian Men’s and Women’s Deaf teams is Victoria’s representative team for Cricketers that are deaf or hard of hearing.

If you have any questions about the 2024 NCIC, please contact Maddy Lynch at



Members of this team come from across Victoria with many coming from both traditional Community Cricket Clubs as well as the Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club (MDCC) which was established in 1880-81 and has been providing an opportunity for deaf cricketers to play ever since.

The MDCC welcomes any new members as players or volunteers. For more information or to join the club, connect with them on Facebook here.

In 2022, the National Championships were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, the Men’s and Women’s Deaf  team (along with the Intellectually Disabled team) took part in a two day event which included education sessions, team photos, shirt presentation and matches at Casey Fields. Found out more about that event here.


Learn more about our Deaf & Hard of Hearing cricket team

Victoria’s Men’s and Women’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teams recently took part in two days of education sessions, guest speakers, and matches at the CitiPower Centre and Casey Fields.

Meet our Deaf Players

Ben Spera
Carl Scacco
Cathy Lillian
Corey Mark
Eddie Boal
Jaqui Mellington
Justin Morgan
Kayla Trinder-Scacco
Lachie Waters
Lorraine 'Loz' Sorono
Marnie Kerridge
Michelle Rowlands
Ricci Taylor
Taz Browning
Tyson Hay

Our Coaches

Peter McCormack (Men's)
Ken Larcombe (Women's)

Our Team Managers

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