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MILO T20 Blast

An exciting new format for girls and boys

MILO T20 Blast is a new and exciting format for girls and boys aged eight to 12, which enables them to convert their basic cricket skills into exciting games of T20.

MILO T20 Blast is a fun, fast and dynamic non-traditional format with smaller ground dimensions, which ensures that participation is maximised and kids have fun!

The new program has been developed to ensure junior cricketers can progress with confidence from MILO in2CRICKET to competitive club cricket competitions.

MILO T20 Blast aims to:

  • Introduce junior cricketers to competitive competition;
  • Provide a fun, action packed and safe environment for kids to play the T20 format of the game;
  • Continue to develop skills and techniques learnt in MILO in2CRICKET; and
  • Maximise participation for all participants.


The MILO T20 Blast program is a fast paced competition based on the T20 cricket format, which allows junior cricketers to play a meaningful game of cricket in a shorter period of time.

Key aspects of MILO T20 Blast are:

  • Shorter games - MILO T20 Blast sessions run for a maximum of 60-75 minutes and include skill activities and a modified T20 game format;
  • Eight kids per side, with all participants getting an equal opportunity at bowling and batting;
  • No need for protective equipment, with a soft style cricket ball used; and
  • No change of bowling ends to keep the game moving


  • For kids who have basic cricket skills
  • Minimum 4 x sessions
  • Sessions last 90-150 minutes
  • Exciting atmosphere complete with music and dancing just like the KFC T20 Big Bash League
  • Everyone gets a chance to bat, bowl and field
  • Facilitated by accredited deliverers
  • All equipment provided

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Holiday Programs

There are a host of MILO T20 Blast holiday programs running during the summer covering all parts of Victoria.

MILO T20 Blast school holiday programs offer a fun, safe, social and active program for girls and boys during the school holidays. It is a great option to keep kids active and having fun during the holidays.

Kids aged 7-12 play modified games of cricket while continuing to improve their cricket skills.

For the full list of MILO T20 Blast holiday programs, click here 

Get excited by MILO T20 Blast

Fun for kids aged eight to 12


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