Kookaburra: From the schoolyard to the Test match

February 26, 2013
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Kookaburra: From the schoolyard to the Test match

The evolution of Australian cricket has involved one constant.

Since the resumption of Test cricket in 1946, the iconic Kookaburra ball has been used exclusively in Australia, helping the nation to 164 victories from 296 matches during that period.

More importantly, Australia has tasted defeat on just 59 occasions, a losing percentage of a mere 19.93%, or less than one in every five games.

Kookaburra’s imprint on the cricketing landscape, however, cannot be confined to the Test arena alone.

For the past 123 years, Kookaburra has striven for excellence, with its hand sewn, five layered quilt cricket ball at the forefront of its products.

Synonymous with Australian cricket, Kookaburra is not only the largest ball manufacturer in the world, but is now the only remaining manufacturer to oversee their entire production process in Australia.

“Kookaburra is a 100% Australian owned company and has been for more than a century,” Kookaburra director Rob Elliot said.

“We are extremely proud that we remain as the sole manufacturer that produces every component and process in Australia, including quality control, incorporating elements such as the raw materials and cow hides all the way to the last stitch in every ball.

“There’s not another company in the world who can say that.

“Over the years, we’ve been a great innovator for the sport, investing heavily in research and development.

“We’ve also been extremely conscious to ensure that we provide direct support to cricket associations and clubs across the nation. We take great pride in being one of the largest supporters of grassroots cricket in Australia.”

Having pioneered the white cricket ball in 1978, ensuring the success of World Series Cricket, Kookaburra continues to lead the way.

With a push for Test cricket to be played under lights, the International Cricket Council, Marylebone Cricket Club and Cricket Australia has not surprisingly turned to Kookaburra for assistance with the creation of a pink ball to help facilitate the process.

“We’ve been invited to establish the suitability and viability of night Test cricket,” Mr Elliot said.

“It’s a challenge that we relish. We have more than 50 balls that we currently produce and we are always looking at new ways in order to assist the game and its players.

“We’re also committed to quality, and while there are other balls in the market, none can compete with ours in relation to standard and value for money.”

Kookaburra is Cricket Victoria’s official ball partner and preferred supplier of cricket equipment.

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