Local clubs boosted by record infrastructure support

August 5, 2019
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Local clubs boosted by record infrastructure support

The Victorian cricket community is set to benefit from more than $1.3 million committed to infrastructure projects through the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund (ACIF).

A total of 88 projects were funded and will generate more than $31 million in partnered investment through Federal, State and Local Government.

The projects include new and redeveloped playing ovals, training nets and practice pitches, pavilions, change rooms and amenities among other facilities.

Highlighted metropolitan and regional local projects:

Walker Park Redevelopment (Mitcham Cricket Club)
Work to commence on a new $3.4million pavilion development to service Mitcham Cricket Club and other Walker Park sport stakeholders. The new pavilion will incorporate new female-friendly and inclusive change facilities for participants and the local community to enjoy. The project has been funded in partnership between local clubs, Federal, State and Local Governments.

Nagambie Recreational Reserve Oval Redevelopment (Strathbogie Shire Council)
A new irrigation system will be installed at the Nagambie Recreation Reserve Oval to ensure the turf surface can be maintained effectively and efficiently to a functional level for cricket over the summer season. This project will be delivered through partnered funds made available via Council and the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund.

Portland Bay School Oval (Portland Bay School)
Portland Bay School is constructing an all abilities cricket oval in partnership with Portland Primary School. The cricket oval will cater for the specialised needs of Portland Bays School’s students, Portland Primary School and the local Portland community. A partnered investment through the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund will progress this redevelopment work.

“We’re really proud that the ACIF has made a significant impact on communities throughout the state. Collectively, strong partnerships have developed between community cricket clubs, schools and government at all levels in Victoria to produce some fantastic results for our cricket community. Any clubs seeking funding to upgrade their venue should work at building positive local relationships as this can be crucial to getting projects off the ground,” said Cricket Victoria’s State Infrastructure Manager Adam Renfrey.

In 2018/19, the ACIF funded 247 cricket facilities across Australia with a total project value of over $87 million.

This summer also saw the launch of the Grassroots Cricket Fund – a contribution of up to $30 million from Australia’s professional cricketers through to 2022-23 delivered in partnership between the players, the Australian Cricketers’ Association and Cricket Australia.

The impetus to increase funding for community facilities came from the first ever National Cricket Facility Audit which assessed more than 5,500 sites and 7,100 ovals across the country, while the investment is being guided by infrastructure strategies that are being developed and rolled out across states and territories.

For more information on how to apply for infrastructure funding, contact Adam Renfrey, Cricket Victoria State Infrastructure Manager at

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