Mum’s the word: Reena restarts cricket career

October 21, 2019
Mum’s the word: Reena restarts cricket career

As a busy mother of two young boys, re-igniting a club cricket career might have been the furthest thing from 36 year-old Reena Choudary’s mind.

Enter the cricket grapevine.

With both sons involved in junior cricket and Reena and her husband doing plenty of backyard coaching, the foundations of an idea were laid.

What if Mum played cricket too?

Growing up in India, Reena loved cricket and watched it regularly, but it was not considered a sport for little girls and she focussed on her studies instead.

A future move to the United States would reinvigorate her playing opportunities before moving with her husband to Australia.

Reena heard about the Blackburn All Girls Cricket program through Blackburn Cricket Club which in turn led to connections with Box Hill Cricket Club’s women’s program.

Could she be convinced to play? Could Mum make her cricketing return?

The encouragement and persuasion worked and 10 years on from her last on-field opportunity, Reena pulled on the Box Hill Women’s 4ths Uniform two weeks ago for the first time.

“I loved it. It was so good to get out there and play. To have my husband and two boys there on the sidelines supporting me was fantastic. I don’t think the boys could believe that Mum was out there playing cricket in a team,” Choudary said.

“I have always loved cricket so the opportunity to get back involved was nerve-wracking but exciting at the same time. I’d like to thank Box Hill, Blackburn and everyone who has been so supportive and encouraging for me to go out and play.”

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