COVID-19 Return to Train Guidelines

May 22, 2020
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COVID-19 Return to Train Guidelines

This guide has been established to support Clubs and Associations under the current Victorian Government COVID-19 restrictions to return to playing cricket in a phased approach.

All Cricket Clubs and Associations have an obligation to strictly adhere to the following protocols at every training session, with the focus to be ‘Get there Safely, Conduct Training and Leave Safely’.


  • Stay away if you or someone close has been unwell in the lead-up to returning to training.
  • Regular handwashing (20 seconds minimum with soap) and use of hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged.
  • Cough/sneeze into the crook of your elbow or a tissue and avoid touching your nose/eyes/mouth.
  • Shaking hands and celebrations involving contact with another person (including high-fives) are all strongly discouraged.
  • No shining of any cricket ball with saliva at any time.
  • Sharing of practice balls, personal equipment and other incidentals (e.g. water bottles, towels) between players is prohibited.
  • Clubs are strongly encouraged to clean all door handles, taps, towel dispensers/hand dryers and toilet seats if used at a session prior to the next scheduled session taking place.
  • Players to attend training sessions in appropriate training apparel and asked not to shower and/or change clothes at the venue (Only toilets will be accessible for the duration of each training session).
  • Ensure plenty of bins are provided and place all used tissues in bin immediately.


  • Maximum of 5 people per net (subject to the number of nets available at each facility) with alternate nets used as preference (if net setup has 3 or more nets available).
  • Players are strongly encouraged to maintain 1.5 metres social distance from others as much as possible.
  • Clubs are strongly encouraged to avoid warm-up activities where tackling or potential heavy physical contact is likely.
  • Players to attend training by themselves with own means of transport (unless they reside in the same residence e.g. Parent/Child or Siblings). For Junior Players, parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to keep a safe distance away from the training area (e.g. stay in the car or be at least 1.5 metres away (preferably greater) from the training group when active).
  • Clubs and Associations are strongly encouraged to make sure that the weather conditions are suitable for undertaking cricket activities (e.g. avoiding slippery practice conditions after rain, not training during a lightning storm).
  • Plan on having breaks of at least 10 to 15 minutes between teams and groups training at the same venue to minimise crossover.
  • Clubs are strongly encouraged to host any necessary communications (e.g. meetings, planning sessions, Meet the Coach sessions) through an online platform or hold these sessions over the phone.
  • Clubs are strongly encouraged to host training at their home ground location (should access to training nets be required) and to not engage in any practice matches until advised further.
  • Attendees at all training sessions are to have their Name and Contact details recorded by the club, with communications to players made prior to each session including access points and meeting locations.
  • Clubs and Associations should strongly encourage all members to download the COVID-Safe App, record members that have downloaded the app and have a club member undertake the Australian Government’s online COVID-19 Infection Control Training.
  • Further updates will be communicated to Clubs and Associations through the CV Club and Association Newsletter, Cricket Victoria website and Cricket Victoria social media platforms.
  • Sport and Recreation Victoria’s (SRV) webpage also has a whole host of further information on the return to community sport from a Government perspective


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