Siddle encourages Victorian cricket fans to make the most of free coaching courses

August 24, 2017
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Siddle encourages Victorian cricket fans to make the most of free coaching courses

Up to 1,000 future Victorian coaches are expected to sign up for Community Coach Courses this summer which will be free following Cricket Australia's recent announcement.

Of the 3,000 expected to participate in the courses Australia-wide, Victorians could make up a third of this figure, highlighting the state’s commitment to growing and developing the game from the grassroots up.
Interest in coaching development has also reached Victoria’s elite players, with veteran Victorian and Australian fast bowler Peter Siddle currently undertaking a Representative Coach Course during Victoria’s pre-season.
“I’ve always loved and had an interest in coaching and player development, as well as being able to pass on knowledge from my own experiences as a player,” said Siddle.
“It’s one thing to know the game, but it’s another to be able to share that knowledge in a way that others can understand and learn from or be inspired by, whether they’re at a grassroots level or playing in an elite team.”
“These courses will help coaches develop a greater understanding of that, so I encourage anyone interested to sign up and help grow this great game even more,” said Siddle.

The free courses will also be a first for cricket – as the Community Coach Course usually costs $120 per person.
In addition to the free courses, the Victorian State Coaching Seminar will be held on Sunday, September 3 at Deakin University’s Burwood Campus.
The keynote speakers will share a range of knowledge in coaching both male and female athletes.
Those interested in attending the free seminar can register online here.
All courses are run by accredited staff trained by Cricket Australia. The course is accredited by the Australian Sports Commission and endorsed by the International Cricket Council.
The Community coaching course also provides coaches with access to online resources, and will include training on the revised Junior Formats which are currently being introduced around Victoria.
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