Vic Country and Metro through to U17 National Champs semi finals

October 7, 2019
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Vic Country and Metro through to U17 National Champs semi finals

Both Vic Country and Vic Metro have reached the semi final stage of the Under 17 National Championships in Mackay.

Vic Country split its pool games 2-2 with wins over Northern Territory and South Australia, finishing third on the Pool A table.

Vic Metro has won three of its four games, finishing second in Pool B behind an unbeaten Western Australia.

The semi final stages include Vic Metro facing NSW Metro, and Vic Country going up against ACT/NSW Country.

Round 1
Victoria Metro 185
(S. Wood 65, B. Coote 25)
Def. ACT/NSW Country 150
(B. Sexton 3-26, M. Jackman 2-16)
Victoria Country 7-231
(T. Scott 75*, N. Pastras 48, J. Pegg 47)
Def. by Queensland 7-284
(J. Garner 4-65)
Round 2
Victoria Country 8-260
(D. Lalor 54, R. Mark 35, S. Van Wijk 34)
Def. Northern Territory 185
(R. Mark 5-24, S. Keogh 2-31)
Victoria Metro 7-210
(J. Koduru 52, A. Newman 44, S. Wood 40)
Def. by Tasmania 8-211
(M. Jackman 3-28, B. Sexton 2-29)
Round 3
Victoria Country 242
(J. Pegg 66, T. Scott 56, S. Singh 39)
Def. by NSW Metro 7-243
(J. Garner 3-51, N. Hurley 2-40)
Victoria Metro 8-232
(C. Kellaway 57, J. Koduru 50, A. Newman 39)
Def. South Australia 139
(M. Jackman 5-20, J. Hesline 3-32)
Round 4
Victoria Country 4-238
(S. Singh 72, D. Webb 64, T. Scott 53)
Def. South Australia 237
(N. Hurley 5-52, T. Scott 2-38, R. Mark 2-45)
Victoria Metro 0-122
(S. Wood 63*, A. Newman 44*)
Def. Northern Territory
(D. Deasy 4-43, M. Birthisel 2-21)

Semi Finals
8 October – NSW Metro vs Vic Metro – Harrup Park
8 October – Vic Country vs ACT/NSW Country – Magpie Sportsground

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