Victorian cricket infrastructure delivery in focus

April 23, 2018
Victorian cricket infrastructure delivery in focus

Cricket Victoria has today released the Victorian Cricket Infrastructure Strategy (VCIS) – a document that sets a clear, coordinated future direction for cricket facility planning, provision and development across Victoria over the next decade.

Download: Victorian Cricket Infrastructure Strategy

The provision of quality facilities plays a significant role in the cricket experience of each and every player, coach, umpire, volunteer and spectator and in creating positive and welcoming environments for all participants, both now and into the future.

The VCIS has been developed in partnership with the Victorian Government and Cricket Australia to provide an integrated and strategic approach to the future delivery of and investment in cricket facilities across both metropolitan Melbourne and country Victoria.

The strategy is built on five key strategic pillars to guide investment and development:
Game and practice facilities that maximise the amount of cricket that can be played
The development of regional cricket and community centres
Supporting inclusive cricket through better infrastructure
Development of multi-use facilities
A focus on partnerships as part of planning and investment
Cricket Victoria CEO Andrew Ingleton said the strategy was a critical piece of work for the game in Victoria.

“Access to facilities is fundamental to our ability to grow as a sport – whether that be getting more junior teams out on the ground, having the right changerooms available or creating new regional hubs for communities,” Ingleton said.

“It’s a two-fold approach. It’s about working cooperatively with local government to see existing facilities used as efficiently as possible and it’s about preparing for the future and agreeing what the sport needs and how best we deliver that in partnership with government and local communities.”

The VCIS is underpinned by data collected and analysed through Cricket Australia’s National Facilities Audit, which includes the audit of over 1,700 existing facilities used by cricket across Victoria each week.

The preparation of the VCIS included significant sport and government sector consultation, and is closely aligned with cricket’s national direction and objectives for progressing the sport of cricket into the future.
Detailed assessment, strategic priorities and recommendations have been provided for each of Cricket Victoria’s 16 Regions (eight Metropolitan and eight Country Regions).

These provide unique and customised insights into the future planning priorities for each individual region.

This document identifies the priorities for collective support and investment in community infrastructure that will sustain the game and meet the changing needs of participants and reinforces cricket’s fundamental goal to provide quality environments that promote positive cricket experiences for everyone.

Cricket Victoria would like to acknowledge the partnership with insideEDGE Sport and Leisure Planning in the development of the Victorian Cricket Infrastructure Strategy.

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