Honour Board


Victorian First Class Player of the Season

2002-03 J Moss
2003-04 MTG Elliott
2004-05 ML Lewis
2005-06 JL Arnberger
2006-07 AB McDonald
2007-08 DJ Hussey
2008-09 CJL Rogers
2009-10 DG Wright
2010-11 RJ Quiney
2011-12 RJ Quiney
2012-13 CJL Rogers
2013-14 CL White
2014-15 Fawad Ahmed
2015-16 SM Boland
2016-17 JM Holland
2017-18 CP Tremain
2018-19 MS Harris


Victorian One-Day Player of the Season

2002-03 BJ Hodge
2003-04 BJ Hodge
2004-05 BJ Hodge/J Moss
2005-06 DJ Hussey
2006-07 CL White
2007-08 DJ Hussey
2008-09 SM Harwood
2009-10 BJ Hodge
2010-11 BJ Hodge
2011-12 RJ Quiney
2012-13 AJ Finch
2013-14 CL White
2014-15 CL White
2015-16 JM Holland
2016-17 CL White
2017-18 PM Siddle
2018-19 PSP Handscomb

Sharon Tredrea Award

Victorian One-Day Player of the Season

1992-93 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
1993-94 Julie Calvert
1994-95 Stephanie Theodore
1995-96 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
1996-97 Zoe Goss
1997-98 Charmaine Mason
1998-99 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
1999-00 Charmaine Mason
2000-01 Charmaine Mason
2001-02 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
2002-03 Belinda Clark
2003-04 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
2004-05 Belinda Clark
2005-06 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
2006-07 Cathryn Fitzpatrick
2007-08 Sarah Edwards
2008-09 Sarah Edwards
2009-10 Sarah Elliott
2010-11 Rachael Haynes
2011-12 Meg Lanning
2012-13 Meg Lanning
2013-14 Sarah Elliott
2014-15 Meg Lanning
2015-16 Meg Lanning
2016-17 Meg Lanning
2017-18 Kristen Beams
2018-19 Meg Lanning

Cathryn Fitzpatrick Award

Victorian Twenty20 Player of the Season (discontinued after the 2014-15 season, replaced by Big Bash Club awards)

2009-10 Sarah Elliott
2010-11 Meg Lanning
2011-12 Meg Lanning
2012-13 Elyse Villani
2013-14 Elyse Villani
2014-15 Meg Lanning

💯 for the Australian captain at Lord’s 😍 #vicsdoitbetter ... See MoreSee Less

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We love Finchy coz he’s a Victorian! 😍👏

Well played! #vicsdoitbetter
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Best of luck to our Vics on the Australia A tour in England starting next week 💪

Pucovski, Handscomb, Pattinson, Harris, Holland & Tremain will all be in action.

Tip: Harry LOVES the mic 🎤

Great insight from the Australia A camp as we mic'd up Marcus Harris during a difficult net session with the Ashes hopefuls firing in the Dukes ball!
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Found a couple of Australian Women's Cricket Team Ashes squad members hanging out at CitiPower Centre this morning!
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‪A Victorian Cricket career that spans over 14 years and includes 3 WT20 titles.

Thanks for your contribution Emma Inglis! #vicsdoitbetter‬
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‪🔒 Here it is! Our 2019-20 women’s squad is confirmed! 👍 ‬

‪Read more: https://cricvi.co/19-20WomensSquad #vicsdoitbetter‬
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‪🔒 Our 2019-20 men’s squad is locked in! ‬

‪Read more: https://cricvi.co/19-20Contracts‬

‪👊 #vicsdoitbetter ‬
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🏏 Over 250 matches for Victoria
🏆 Six Sheffield Shield Titles
🧢 Our longest serving and most successful captain

Thanks to a Victorian champion 🐻

More here: https://cricvi.co/ThanksCam
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We think Elyse Villani and Meg Lanning enjoyed being back at the crease together this season!

They shared an epic 234-run partnership in a huge 7-wicket win over South Australia in Round 2 of the #WNCL! 🤭👏 #vicsdoitbetter #TBT
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How good were these two in the #ShieldFinal a couple of weeks back?? 🔥🔥 #vicsdoitbetter #TBT ... See MoreSee Less

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