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The National Umpiring Accreditation Scheme is conducted under the auspices of Cricket Australia, which is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of cricket match official accreditation. The scheme is based on officiating principles developed by the Australian Sports Commission.

Community Officiating

Cricket Australia’s Community Officiating Accreditation Program replaces the old Level One Umpire Accreditation course. It is an entry level course designed for:

  • Those interested in becoming cricket umpires on a regular paid basis for the first time.
  • Parents who, from time to time, are required to officiate in junior competitions.
  • Teachers who supervise and officiate in school competitions; and
  • Anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of the game.

Umpires manage cricket matches, enabling players and coaches to focus on development, improvement and enjoying participation. This course is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills and information to umpire in competitive junior and senior community level matches as well as providing an entry for those with a desire to officiate at higher levels on a regular basis. In particular it aims to:

  • Create a safe and fun environment for players;
  • Develop a balanced attitude towards competition within the realms of fair play; and
  • Improve their understanding of the game.

Course Details:

Cricket Australia in conjunction with the Australian Sports Commission has redesigned the format of the course.

It will be titled “Cricket Australia – Community Officiating” and will be conducted in two parts:

  • Part One – a knowledge based section completed on-line; and
  • Part Two – a practical section covering on-field technique and application of the knowledge gained in Part One.

Part two will be supervised by Cricket Australia approved Presenters/Facilitators throughout the state in both metropolitan Melbourne and rural areas.

Successful completion of both parts will lead to Community Officiating Accreditation.

The cost of the program is $40 which will include access to the on-line section of the course as well as additional resources required to complete the course.

Details of this course can be located on the following website:

Throughout the year there will be courses offered by Cricket Victoria to cover off the Practical Sessions as mentioned above.   You can view details of these courses (when released) on the Community Cricket website.

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