Woolworths Cricket Blast Health & PE

Woolworths Cricket Blast Health & PE

Woolworths Cricket Blast Health & PE is a four-week curriculum aligned program that is fun and exciting for students of all abilities and is simple for teachers to deliver, no matter what your current knowledge of cricket is.

There are 4 programs: F-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-10.

By offering Woolworths Cricket Blast Health & PE program at your school, you are giving the students the chance to experience a fun and safe skills program that is aimed to help students learn to play cricket just like their Australian cricket heroes.

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Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cups

Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cups

The Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cups are super fun, social, safe and active. Best of all, it’s real cricket and it’s a blast!

The competition gives girls and boys the opportunity to play four action packed games of cricket in an active and social setting – all on the one day in a gala day format. Every player gets a chance to bat, bowl and field. It’s an exciting atmosphere, complete with music and dancing just like the Big Bash.

The Woolworths Cricket Blast School Cup competition is:

  • Free to all schools
  • Modified cricket that maximises participation
  • Played by boys and girls
  • Teacher friendly with easy to understand rules
  • Encourages team work, communication and leadership

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Cricket In Schools

If you’re looking for a fun activity that promotes teamwork and keeps your students active, cricket is a great option! We offer a range of support for teachers who are looking to develop cricket within their school.

If you have any queries regarding cricket in schools, please email

Mascot Challenge

The Mascot Challenge has been developed to assist Foundation to Grade 2 students in developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy.

The program will promote active lifestyles and assist students in achieving 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activity on most days of the week as outlined in the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines. The Mascot Challenge achieves this by spending 10 minutes a day developing fundamental skills that will assist them in remaining physically active later in life.

As part of the challenge, each day participants will undertake activities designed to challenge them at their own pace in a fun and inclusive environment. To measure their development, each activity has a target that must be achieved before students can move on to the next activity. Students will be able to track their progress each day on the class tally board (included).

Also included are four easy to follow activity cards and posters that show each week’s activities.

Simply place the posters and activity cards where all students can see them and with your assistance, work through each activity. As part of the Mascot Challenge, we have provided a guide that provides examples of how to best integrate cricket within the Health and Physical Education curriculum. The Mascot Challenge can also be used as an effective breakout activity for your students which will allow them to concentrate for longer periods in the classroom.

This will assist in allowing the fundamental motor skills developed as part of the challenge to be successfully nurtured in day to day class activities.

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U12’s State Team – Boys & Girls

Students must be nominated by their School, with each able to nominate up to three boys. There is no limit to the number of girls schools permitted to nominate.

Cricket Victoria will run the initial trials in all 16 regions. Regions will then nominate up to three boys and three girls to proceed through to the School Sport Victoria trials.

Important information

  • Following the nomination period, Cricket Victoria will notify students of their trial date and venue.
  • First round of trials will be run by Cricket Victoria’s Regional Cricket Managers across 16 regions
  • Up to 3 students from each region will be nominated to progress through to SSV squad and attend the first training session in the July school holidays.
  • The first SSV squad session will be run by SSV team coaches, managers and support staff. Through the four official squad sessions, a team of 13 players will be selected.
  • The Championships will take place in Bendigo, VIC from November 7th – November 14th 2020. Students selected in this team will be expected to cover the cost of their involvement in this team and carnival (approx. $1,000.00 – which includes transport and uniform)

Nomination criteria:

  • Only children born in 2008 or 2009 are eligible for selection.
  • Each school can nominate a maximum of 3 boys for this team who are currently playing Club Cricket.
  • There is no limit placed on the number of girls that schools are permitted to nominate. Schools are encouraged to nominate all talented sports girls to trial.

Registrations for the 2020 Team have now closed.

2019 Team Selection

School Sport Victoria (SSV) have announced the Team VIC 12 Years and under Cricket State Team to represent SSV at the School Sport Australia Championships in Adelaide, South Australia from 17 – 24 November, 2019.


Player Name School
Jordyn Allen Marlborough Primary School
Amelia Freeman Brunswick North West Primary School
Ruby Gibson Maribyrnong Sports Academy
Sara Kennedy Skipton Primary School
Charli McLennan Black Hill Primary School
Grace Moyle St. Joseph’s College – Echuca
Indigo Noble Kunyung Primary School
Honey Raut University High School
Tegan Rule Ringwood North Primary School
Zoe Samuel Caulfield Grammar School
Navleen Sandhu Thomastown Secondary School
Ratuja Talekar Rangeview Primary School
Lila Wilkinson Macarthur Primary School
Issy Boulton Nyah District Primary School
Pearl Kapoor Seabrook Primary School


Coach: Steve Watling – Carrum Primary School

Manager: Di Day – Cricket Victoria


Nikki du Toit

St John’s Lutheran School

Jackson Edwards

St. Robert’s Primary School

Tyler Hunter

Toolamba Primary School

Jackson Martin

Langwarrin Park Primary School

Jagger Mooney

Emmaus catholic primary school

Jeremy Murray

Baden Powell college Tarneit

Aayan Nadeem

Cambridge Primary School

Robbie O’Brien

Oak Park Primary School

Tom Patterson

Kalinda Primary School

Alexander Pitman

Trinity Grammar School, Kew

Santhosh Ramireddy

Kent Park Primary School

Harrison Sheers

Black Rock Primary School

Ashton Young

Brighton Grammar School


Coach: Travis Colley – Kangaroo Flat Primary School

Manager: Steven Gunther

Year 7 & 8 Girls Leadership Program

Year 7 & 8 Girls Leadership ProgramThe Girls Leadership Program provides Year 7 & 8 Girls with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills via an interactive online program and face to face forum. The aim of the program is to encourage young girls to continue their leadership journey through the early years of secondary school enabling them to become positive role models as they develop into future leaders.

There are three components to the program:

Introductory Forum

Designed to introduce participants to the themes explored in the program, girls will have the opportunity to hear from those that have previously participated in the program.

In 2020 the Introductory Forum will be held online on Monday April 27th.

Online Program

The online program is made up of six 20 minute modules and includes the following topics:

Your leadership Spirit – This module introduces the girls to a range of leadership values to help them to identify their own leadership spirit. Participants will also hear from Leadership Ambassador, Sophie Molineux on what values define her leadership spirit.

Ignite your can do – In this module, participants begin to identify their strengths and learn to focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t do. In addition, the girls will also acknowledge the feeling associated with a ‘can do’ mindset versus a ‘can’t do’ mindset.

Stand Up – This module gives participants strategies to use when required to standup for themselves and others. Along with the appropriate strategies the girls are also taught when the appropriate time is to stand up for themselves and others and here from our Leadership Ambassadors about times when they have had to stand up for themselves and others.

Stand Strong – In this module participants are introduced to how their confidence can be influenced by something as simple as body language. Through the help of our Leadership Ambassadors, participants are asked to reflect on how they feel when practicing strong poses versus timid poses.

Your resilience superpower – This module introduces the participants to what resilience is and how to identify when they have a high level of energy and when their energy is quite low. They will also hear from our Leadership Ambassadors on how they feel when their resilience power is full, half and empty and how they manage this.

Striving for the Stars – The final modules leads the participants through goal setting. Participants hear from our Leadership Ambassadors and begin to think about their own goal; why it is important to them and what barriers are in the way of them getting there.

Leadership Breakfast

This final day rounds out the learnings of the online program and provides girls with the opportunity to network with like-minded aspiring young leaders. Students are involved in face to face workshops and have the opportunity to hear from those who hold current leadership positions within sport and business. The leadership breakfast is hosted in locations in Melbourne and regionally throughout the year.

Application Form

Schools may nominate year 7 and 8 girls from their school for the program.

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If you’d like to learn more about the program, please contact Emily Andrews at

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