Inclusive Cricket

Blind Cricket

Blind cricket has a rich history in this state with the Victorian Blind Cricket Association (VBCA) celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2012.

Blind cricket was invented in Melbourne in 1922 with the world’s first sports ground and clubhouse for blind people developed at Kooyong, Melbourne in 1928

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Deaf Cricket

If you are deaf or hard of hearing then it doesn’t stop you from playing the greatest game in the world, cricket!

The Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club (MDCC) was established in 1880-81 and has been providing an opportunity for deaf cricketers to play ever since.

The club currently has three teams, all playing in the Eastern Cricket Association.

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All Abilities

An opportunity for all to play cricket

Cricket Victoria’s All Abilities Action Plan is an action plan for cricket development and participation growth. Cricket Victoria has a long-term commitment to being inclusive across the whole of Victoria cricket business. This plan has been specifically designed in consultation with clubs and volunteers at grassroots cricket, for grassroots cricket.

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Indigenous Cricket

Noogal Toengorrt Tani Cricket Program

Noogal Toengorrt Tani is Cricket Victoria’s (CV) Indigenous Cricket Program designed to provide participation and development opportunities for Indigenous Australians to participate in cricket.

Indigenous Australians claim strong roots to international cricket, as the first Australian cricket team to tour England in 1868 was all-Aboriginal.

CV offers school and community clinics, grants for cricket clubs, winter development squads and representative opportunities in the Imparja Cup – Australia’s national Indigenous cricket tournament.

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LGBTI+ Inclusion

Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, and Intersex (LGBTI+) rights have been at the forefront of public and political debate in recent years. This has led to wider discussions within sport on how sport organisations might better support and provide for LGBTI+ athletes at all levels of competition.

Young people who identify as same sex attracted and gender diverse experience extremely low participation rates in sport. They are often invisible or silenced in sporting clubs. Research identifies that clubs are not seen as safe or welcoming and that sport has been found hostile and unappealing.

With support from Sport and Recreation Victoria, Cricket Victoria (CV) and Cricket Australia (CA) recently engaged with Victoria University (VU) to conduct research titled “Exploring LGBTI+ Inclusion within Australian Cricket”. The research explored the current climate and attitudes towards LGBTI+ inclusion within Australian cricket.

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