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Cricket Victoria (CV) has long understood the power that sport possesses to bridge cultural divides.

It has the unique capacity to bring together people from all walks of life be it on the streets in India, the beaches in the Caribbean or the alleyways in Melbourne.

For years now, the game of cricket has fostered greater harmony, respect and understanding of people from all cultures.

The impact that can be achieved by sharing a field together, and the camaraderie that is developed between teammates and opponents alike, remains the calling card of our sport.

The Harmony in Cricket message is about celebrating our commitment to embracing traditional Australian values - justice, equality, fairness and mateship and represents the bonds that hold us together.

We proudly acknowledge that our clubs are a place where everybody, regardless of their cultural background, religion, gender, age or ability feels welcome and if a person has a passion for cricket; our clubs have a place for them.

All cricketers regardless of who they are, play not just under the laws of the game but under the Spirit of Cricket which embraces the Harmony message.

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