Gippsland Girls Cricket Carnival

April 16, 2013
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Gippsland Girls Cricket Carnival

Female cricket was the talk of the town across Victoria's south-east last week when Gippsland hosted its 10th annual Girls Cricket Carnival.  

Spanning over three days, the event saw teams from across Gippsland and metropolitan Victoria gather at Maryvale Reserve and Traralgon West Sporting Complex to engage in the fun and competitive tournament.

The girls-only competition saw over 120 young budding cricketers participate throughout the Carnival.

In addition to the Under-17 division, this year’s tournament also featured an Under-13 category to provide an opportunity for young females to test and develop their skills.

With experience ranging from novices to those who have played the game for years, Bairnsdale West Primary School Teacher Louise Ward noted that the Carnival provided girls with a good chance to both learn and develop new skills.

“We have been here for the last six years, bringing teams up and lots of these girls have never played cricket before,” Ward said.

“The Carnival provides the girls with the opportunity to come out of Bairnsdale and to learn the skills of cricket.”

Dandenong Women’s Cricket Club’s Erica Kershaw noted the importance of the Carnival and the opportunities that it can provide.

“It’s a good Carnival for girls to get involved in,” Kershaw said.

 “It provides a chance to play some really good competitive cricket and is also a good pathway to move into premier cricket.”

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