Community Cricket Club Discussions With Local Government Authorities

July 27, 2020
Community Cricket Club Discussions With Local Government Authorities

Guidance note for Community Cricket Clubs.


As the 2020/21 season draws nearer, cricket clubs are preparing for what will be an unprecedented season due to the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

An important aspect of Club and Association planning includes contacting your Local Government Authority (LGA). This Guidance Note includes suggested questions and discussion topics when speaking with your LGA to ensure your club is accessing any LGA support available and complying with your LGA’s Return to Play requirements.


Whilst there is no blanket approach to support being offered by the 79 Victorian LGAs across the state, over 90 percent of LGAs are currently providing support to their local winter sports clubs. Many LGA’s may have a current view that cricket clubs will be immune from the impacts of the Pandemic if seasons can start on time (or close to on-time). We appreciate that many clubs will be significantly financially impacted and LGA’s should be advised on your current financial concerns.

Please find below suggested topics of discussion regarding possible supports for your club:

  • The LGA’s policy on fee relief for summer sporting clubs
  • Availablity of any one-off support grants or loans for struggling clubs
  • A pause of any loan payments your club may be making to your LGA for a past project
  • Support from your LGA on cleaning facilities at the beginning and throughout the season
  • If there are any other support from your LGA to community sporting clubs


 All LGA’s have been strongly encouraged to rely on the Return to Play plans of each Sporting Code. Some LGAs may require a club representative to sign a document stating that the club will follow the guidance of Cricket Victoria’s Return to Play and Train plan.

Please find below suggested topics of discussion regarding Return to Play and Train:

  • Cricket Victoria’s Return to Play plan and the club’s commitment to implement all elements of the plan. This Return to Training and Play documentation can be found HERE.
  • Whether there are any further requirements on the club in addition to Cricket Victoria’s Return to Play plan
  • Facility cleaning requirements at the club before and after training / matches and if there will be financial support or physical support from the LGA (or perhaps guidance to what the council can advise – companies to use, frequency and extent of cleaning required, products to use


LGA’s will be keen to understand when cricket associations are intending on starting their season so they can plan for facility preparation.

As you will be aware, Cricket Victoria has three separate agreements in place with AFL Victoria, Football Victoria (Soccer) and Sport and Recreation Victoria (Victorian Government) regarding season start dates for cricket in the 2020/21 season.

All LGA’s have received these Agreements however it may be useful to have access to these in your discussions if there are any questions relating to when cricket can start its 2020/21 season. The CV Competitions Management team will be circulating thoughts around the season ahead noting that it will likely need to look different from a ‘normal’ season.

To access the three agreements please click HERE.


If you require an assistance or have any further questions, please contact your local Cricket Victoria regional team. To access updated region maps and Field Force contact details please click HERE.


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