Next generation helmet safety drives Cricket Victoria trial

October 16, 2023
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Next generation helmet safety drives Cricket Victoria trial

Cricket Victoria will become one of the first cricket bodies in the world to partner with official helmet supplier Masuri on the use of breakthrough technology to further enhance the safety and comfort of cricket helmets.

The new TrueFit 3D-PRO technology incorporates 3D printing and digital head mapping technology to scan and custom-fit lattice pads inside the helmet to the exact shape of a cricketer’s head.

The head scan data is sent for processing using Masuri’s software, to convert the data into a digital set of flexible, lattice-structured pads that fit inside the helmet shell.

These custom-fit lattice pads provide a complete custom fit while also improving safety and ventilation for the wearer.

Cricket Victoria General Manager – Cricket Performance Graham Manou said the technology was an important asset for players.

“The safety of our players is paramount and whatever we can do to improve safety, reduce risk and deliver best practice solutions for our squads is something we’ll pursue,” Manou said.

“We’re really impressed with the technology that Masuri has brought to the table and we’re pleased to partner with them in a program to get these helmets on to the heads of our players. Ultimately a properly fitted helmet that is effectively purpose-built for the individual is a great step forward.”

CEO of The Masuri Group Sam Miller said “Cricket Victoria been extremely proactive in pulling this programme together, ensuring they are one of the first governing bodies in the world to provide their players with this technology.”

“Masuri is dedicated to developing and manufacturing products that are second to none in terms of safety and comfort. The TrueFit 3D-PRO helmet is the first of its kind and provides wearers with the perfect fit for their head whilst maximizing protection for their specific head shape.”

“We are confident that the TF3D range is the future of head protection in cricket, and we are committed to continuing to develop this technology into the future to maximise the protection it offers wearers.”

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